Coastal Ridge is from Classic Wines
of California, among other brands,
renowned for Charles Shaw -
"Two Buck Chuck" at Trader Joe's.

With the Coastal Ridge campaign,
the winery gave us the name
and the label. We gave them
the positioning and campaign.

As you probably know, "Coastal"
is supposed to mean along the
Pacific Coast in Northern California.
Their grapes are actually grown
in the middle of the state.

So we got around that issue
by referring to all of California
as "The Coast".

Click on the image above to see
one of the case cards and a few
of the bottle neckers.


Cricket Disposable Lighters
was purchased from Gillette
by Univeral Match Corporation.

The attached ad insert / brochure introducing the new lighter
won the business for us.

We also did the roll-out campaign, which included the new lighter Packaging, Point-Of-Purchase, Television and Sales Support.

You'll see a recent series of labels
for Langers JOOC Juice -
Just Out Of Curiosity -
a creative blend of fruit juices.

It was an existing product line,
but they really weren't doing much
to explain or drive-home the name.

So to amplify the curiosity concept,
we researched and wrote trivia
about each of the main juices.

Click on the above to see
all five lables and to read
the enlightening copy.